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At the point when a meteor debilitates to strike the planet. a war is pursued on Earth and on an outsider world. after the military reveals a plot to pulverize humankind. For the initial 20 minutes. I wasn’t even certain The Asylum was ripping off the right film. At the point when the film begins. the U.S. government discovers that a space rock a quarter-size of the moon is on track to hit Earth. They pull together a group of roughneck officers to arrive on the meteor. plant a few explosives and blow it to hellfire. Right around the time the saints get a 30 moment compressed lesson in how to fly a space transport. I thought without a doubt this was ARMAGEDDON REDUX and I’d committed a gigantic error. Nonetheless. when they land on the plunging space rock and mystery hollows and multi dimensional images. its unmistakable…  “This isn’t a space rock!”. You might likewise like Noah Movie.

Age of Tomorrow Full HD Download

From that point on out. Time OF TOMORROW swings into a blend of PROMETHEUS and GENERIC ALIEN INVASION MOVIE. When its reasonable that the space rock is really a mothership. containing a great many littler outsider assault vessels. poopoo hits the fan. In the midst of the disorder. Kelly Hu (X2, THE SCORPION KING) some way or another instantly perceives. that the ships’ passing beams aren’t vaporizing individuals however rather teleporting. them—and bounced through a wormhole. (I’m speculating this is the place the film was gathered. to unite with AGE OF TOMORROW. yet, with teleportation rather than time travel.) Soon everybody discovers themselves on the outsider’s shading adjusted home planet. Nobody is certain where it is precisely. be that as it may, express gratitude toward God they simply happen to be a conveying a gadget. that supports their radio flag so they can send. a SOS message from over the system. (Hu likewise takes her protective cap, speculating that the air would be breathable. Maybe she saw it in PROMETHEUS.) whatever remains of the film takes after. the group as they go on a “salvage mission.” which for this situation means meandering around an outsider military. office on a planet they don’t know anything about. You can think about how that winds

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Age of Tomorrow Full HD Download

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