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Automata is a 2014 science fiction action film highlighting Antonio Banderas.In the 2040s, sun arranged flares enlighten the Earth, killing more than 99.7% of the world’s people. The survivors amass in an arrangement of safe urban regions and created primitive humanoid robots, called Pilgrims, to help reproduce and work in the unforgiving environment. These robots have two unalterable traditions: they can not hurt any indication of life, and they may not change any robot. At first seen as humanity’s salvation, they are transferred to physical work when they disregard to stop the improvement of desertification.In 2044, Jacq Vaucan – an assurance specialists for ROC, the association that delivers Pilgrims – investigates a report from Wallace, a cop who shot a robot he claims was evolving itself. Jacq finds the robot hid an extraordinary nuclear battery that could control a robot uncertainly. The accompanying day, Jacq takes after a robot who was taking parts.

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When he corners it, it self-immolates. Jacq salvages the remaining parts and estimates to his boss Robert that there may be a “clocksmith”, some individual who wrongfully changes robots, who is overriding the second tradition. Dubious, Robert rejects this believability yet offers Jacq a trade out of the city in case he can find verification. Jacq’s pregnant wife at first rejects his game plans anyway she unavoidably relents.Jacq and Wallace investigate a bordello, where they find Cleo, a balanced robot that Wallace in this way shoots. Right when Jacq objects, Wallace says that Cleo’s proprietor will lead them to the clocksmith; Wallace also undermines to execute Jacq if he doesn’t part the profits of the battery on the black business sector. Jacq takes after Cleo’s proprietor to a clocksmith named Dr. Dupré, who ensures not to know who changed Cleo, an action that should wreck
Automata Full Movie Dual Audio 720p HD Free Download

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    • Movie Name    :      Automata (2014)
    • Movie Size       :     914 MB
    • Movie Quality   :    720p HD
    • Movie Type      :     ThrillerAutómata (2014) on IMDb

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Automata Full Movie Dual Audio 720p HD Free Download
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Automata (2014) Full Movie HD free Download
Automata (2014) Full Movie Dual Audio HD free Download

Automata Full Movie Dual Audio 720p HD Free Download 

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