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Dhanak Indian Full Movie 2016 Overview

Rainbow is an uplifting, enchanting, magical fable set in Rajasthan that reinforces the belief that life is beautiful. The story revolves around the wonderful relationship between a 10-year old girl Pari and Chotu, her 8-year old brother who live in a picturesque village nestled among the sand dunes. Having lost their parents to an accident at a very early age, they live with their uncle and aunt. Chotu is blind but he is anything but sad. Happy, precocious and a smart ass, he is the life of the village.Pari is his eyes, his guide and his best friend. And Chotu is the center of Pari’s universe. As children sometimes do, not truly understanding the consequences, Pari has promised Chotu that he will be able to see by the time he turns 9 and as always, Chotu believes her unconditionally. On their weekly trip to the neighboring village to see a movie, Pari sees a poster with Sharukh Khan (SRK) appealing to people to donate their eyes. Pari is convinced that her reel life hero can help her fulfill her promise to her brother. In all her innocence she writes a letter to SRK pleading Chotu’s case and to hurry since Chotu’s 9th birth is just two months away. She doesn’t hear back but this doesn’t deter her and she writes a letter to SRK every day. One day fate intervenes – Pari hears that SRK is shooting in a location about 300 kms from her village. This is all the motivation she needs. She is confident that if she can meet SRK in person, she is sure that she can convince him to make Chotu see again. In the dead of the night, holding Chotu’s hand, she runs away from home and embarks on a great adventure to meet SRK. What unfolds is a magical journey that only the innocence of childhood allows you to experience in the special world of children who have the ability to see magic in every little corner of this complicated world. They meet a host of colorful characters who sometimes help and sometimes thwart their plan but always push them in right path towards their destination! Will they make it? Will Chotu ever see again? Will fortune favor the bold? Step out and make this wondrous journey with Chotu and Pari and believe once again that if one wishes with atrue heart anything is possible.

Dhanak Full Movie Download Free in DVD Cam

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Rainbow Full Movie 2016 File Details

  1. Movie Name: Dhanak 2016
  2. Movie Cast: Swastik Ram Chavan, Krrish Chhabria, Vibha Chhibber, Vincent Daniel
  3. Movie Size: 693MB
  4. Movie Quality: DVD Cam Small Size
  5. Movie Language: Hindi
  6. Movie Genre: Drama
  7. Movie Rating: Rainbow (2015) on IMDb8.4/10

Dhanak Full Movie Download Free in DVD Cam

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