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The Banquet, released on DVD in the United States as Legend of the Black Scorpion, is a 2006 Chinese wuxia show film.It is the end of the Tang Dynasty and China is isolated. The Crown Prince, Wu Luan, is significantly captivated with the privileged person Little Wan. Of course, his father, the Emperor, decides to marry Little Wan. Wu Luan, significantly hurt, departures to a remote theater to study human articulations of music and move. Not long after Wu Luan’s departure, the Emperor is slaughtered by his kin, Li.

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The film begins as Empress Wan sends emissaries to the theater, prompting Wu Luan that the Emperor has gone on, and that his uncle will succeed the throne. Dark to Wan, the usurping Emperor Li has adequately dispatched riders to slaughter Wu Luan. In any case, Wu Luan survives the strike and returns to court where he is met by Empress Wan and her lady in-holding up Qing Nu, the young lady of Minister Yin, who is definitively still associated with to Wu Luan.The strain in the Imperial Court is high, and when a mansion official, Governor Pei Hong, invites Empress Wan as ‘Ruler Dowager’, he and his family are sentenced to a horrible passing. With his death, Minister Yin’s youngster, General Yin Sun, is sent to fill the position in a distant zone, exceptionally crippling Yin Taichang’s position in the court. Wu Luan is asked for that by the Emperor perform a brief swordplay administration, to practice for the Empress’ exceptional delegated ceremony. While battling with safe swords, the Imperial Guard out of the blue produce sharpened swords and try to execute Wu Luan.

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The Banquet Full Dual Audio 720p HD Free Download

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